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This 12 year Old Pune Boy Haaziq Kazi Made a Ship to Clean Ocean



As we all know that pollution is quite widespread today and this is not limited to oceans and seas. Industrial waste, Domestic waste, and others have contributed a lot to ocean pollution. We are not quite aware of it but Haaziq Kazi, a 12-year-old boy from Pune is and keeping that in mind he has designed a ship to clean the garbage from the oceans.

I watched a few documentaries and I thought of doing something. I felt the dangers of the increasing ocean pollution and its effect on marine life and to overcome this I came up with the idea of this ship, ERVIS” said Haaziq in an interview with ANI.

He also explained how the ship functions to clean the garbage in oceans.                         “The saucers attached the ERVIS rotate and using centripetal force,                                   it sucks up whatever it finds in the ocean and then waste is segregated from the other substances,” he said in the interview.

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The ship has a mechanism which detects that if it is marine life,                                 waste or water while sucking from the ocean and segregates it on that basis. The waste is also segregated according to its size. Haaziq Kazi says that he is quite concerned about marine life and ocean pollution issues.

Haaziq Kazi has presented his ideas on large international forums and has been well appreciated. We expect more intelligent minds like him who are concerned about the surroundings and want to do something, more than their generic science projects and take the name of our nation to great heights. KUDOS to Haaziq for his achievements and his intelligence.

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