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Xiaomi ShareSave App To Order Products From China Exclusively.



About Xiaomi’s ShareSave App.

Xiaomi launches an E-Commerce app for Indian users for making shopping more easy from China. Its user interface is bit interesting and very similar to Alibaba. It is available on Play Store. Its size is around 8 MB. Therefore, This app is mainly made for focusing on Indian users because they love some Chinese products. Therefore, Most of the product available on this app is of Xiaomi. But, according to Xiaomi’s official blog, the company is hoping to provide its fans with a convenient and affordable way to order Mi Products that have just been released in China with the Xiaomi ShareSave.

Highlights Of The ShareSave App:-

  • It is mainly for Indian Users.
  • ShareSave allows buying product launched in China.
  • Its size is around 8MB.
  • Now, it is only available for Android Users.

When user login in ShareSave app he/she will receive rewards worth $10. It will also help the user in buying products. The modes available on Sharesave are – Pair-up, Drop, Kickstart. 

By Pair-up it means you can buy products with friends or family by getting an equal amount of discount to both. This will be very beneficial for users.

In Drop mode means- It allows buyers to choose a product from a select list and then invite friends and family to that Drop list. When more friends join in and the less the price becomes, when the product has reached the targeted price, you will either get it free or at 50 per cent discount.

Therefore, The third mode of ShareSave is “Kickstart”  which let the buyers back the desired products for as low as $0.2 initial payment. After the product has been successfully funded, they will get ten-times the reward of that initial funding amount in the form of a shopping voucher.

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