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Top 10 Tech Innovations That Can Save Humanity



Tech Innovations


Technology is all around us! With the advent of technology in the 21st century that we live in, tech innovations are at their peak. New technological innovations keep happening every now and then. Who would have thought just one decade ago that we would be able to take calls, send messages and make payments using just a wristwatch? Or experience a whole new world in 3D using a VR headset? These tech innovations have led to some very immersive experiences for mankind. Similarly, we have here 10 such tech innovations that can save humanity in unprecedented and unheard ways. From cars that run on-air, drones that are being used for medical emergencies, and smartphones completely made out of recycled plastic waste. Let us check out all of them in detail below. 

Top 10 Tech Innovations That Can Save Humanity

Life-Size Lego Car 

We are all familiar with Lego but for those of you who aren’t, they are basically small interlocking plastic bricks that you can join together to create anything. People around the world have done an amazing job with Lego pieces creating outstanding pieces of art and replicas of famous monuments and stuff such as the Batmobile, Battlestar Galactica from Star Trek, and so on. 

But Steve Sammartino built a life-size car made entirely out of Lego pieces that quite literally just runs on air. It took him almost 20 months to build it and over 5,00,000 Lego pieces. It basically uses compressed air and the pressure derived from it to move forward.

Clothes Made Out Of Solar Panels 

We are all aware of the renewable source of energy that is solar power. But, did you know that you can now even wear clothes made out of such solar panels? That’s right, all you need to do is put your smartphone or other gadgets in your pocket and it will automatically charge using the solar energy from your clothes. Although this tech innovation is very new, the clothes themselves are not uncomfortable by any means. They look quite sleek and are pretty flexible and comfortable to wear. There are some downsides of course such as not being able to wash it in the washing machine and special care. 

future technology ideas

Epson Reversible Printer 

A lot of us might have printers at home or might have used one at a cyber cafe. It’s a pretty straightforward device in which you insert a blank paper that comes out from the other side with whatever you command it to print. Epson, a leading company in the world of printers, has come out with a printer that does the opposite of what every normal printer does. Meaning, you can insert printed pages of newspaper and magazine in it, only to get a plain white sheet of paper from the other side, as good as new. It can do this with 6700 pages in just 1 hour! How cool is that? What a way to recycle paper and save trees with this amazing technological advancement by Epson.

Carbon Air-Ink Pen 

One negative about industrial development is the kind of pollution it causes; especially air pollution in the form of carbon emissions. Tech innovations have even found a way to recycle these harmful emissions not just from industrial chimneys but even the silencer of cars and bikes. Graviky Labs have successfully made an air-ink pen that utilizes the carbon compounds and converts them into black ink. This ink is directly made from air pollution and is shaping to become one of the most creative ways of saving planet Earth!

Miniature Drones For Plant Reproduction 

Bees and insects have a major role in the fertilization of plants. When the bee sits from one flower to another, it actually helps in transferring pollen seeds from one plant to another for the purpose of reproduction. Since bees and other such insects are becoming quite scarce, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology has created drones, the size of bees, to facilitate plant reproduction. Thus, instead of solely depending upon nature’s way, tech innovations are helping speed up the process manually. 

top technologies to save the world

Biodegradable Bullets 

The bullets that are normally used in guns are non-biodegradable and made up of metal. When the residue from each fired bullet sinks into the ground, it is actually harmful to the environment, the soil, and the plants in it. Since it carries small quantities of lead, when mixed with soil or nearby water bodies, it tends to become poisonous. Therefore, scientists have worked hard to make biodegradable bullets that will mix well with the soil in due time without causing any harm to the environment. Some of them even carry a seed in them so when it mixes with the soil, it leads to the growth of plants as well. 

environmental friendly technology

Medical Drones 

Drones have developed a lot recently and are becoming increasingly popular. They can be used for a number of things such as delivering essential food items in remote areas or even medicines to the ones who need them. People are extensively working upon such drones for medical use cases that can even be used as an ambulance, deliver solar as well as wind power. It can even withstand winds up to 100km/hr and can cover a distance of 7km in just 1 minute. One such drone even delivers wifi power remotely no matter where you are in this world. 

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SmartFlower Solar Panel 

Much like how the sunflower changes its direction as per the position of the sun, this flower-shaped solar panel by SmartFlower works in a similar fashion. It changes its direction as per the rays of the sun for optimal energy absorption. As soon as it’s dark, it even automatically folds itself up in a compact manner and takes up way less space than it did during the day. All in all, it not only looks like a sunflower but even functions like one and is very efficient in doing so. 

A Brick That Stores Energy 

Washington University in St. Louis has created a brick that can actually store power and be used to charge your phone, laptop, etc. It is not just limited to bricks. There are even solar roads that are being created for the purpose of storing solar energy. Even as cars drive past on such roads, they can store the energy from the cars into themselves for the purpose of being used later. Cannot wait for these concepts to turn into a common reality soon! 

AI Being Used To Conserve Wildlife 

Animal extinction rates are getting higher and higher due to a number of reasons, the most common being hunting and poaching. One such species are elephants, particularly Asian elephants whose numbers have gone down by 50%. In order to preserve them, artificial intelligence (AI) takes into account the movement of all these elephants within 5,000 sq/km using satellites. This helps in tracking their movement, keeping count, and knowing exactly how safe they are in their respective locations. 

Using Drones To Plant Trees 

It goes without saying that we should preserve forests and plant as many trees as possible. But, humans can only reach a number of places. Drones are being used to plant trees in areas where human beings cannot reach such as extremes of temperature, rocky mountains and uninhabited places. A company from Canada called Flash Forest is doing precisely this and their drones are 10 times faster than if we humans were to do the same thing manually. 

Modern drones, technological advancement using drones

Smartphone Made Out Of Recycled Plastic 

Many of you might have noticed that the flagship Apple and Samsung smartphones no longer come with a charger in the box. This was a measure taken by the companies to reduce electronic waste in the world. Taking things to the next level, Fairphone launched a modular smartphone that is made entirely out of recycled plastic. You can assemble all the components manually, replace old ones with new ones as and when you need, thereby recycling the body of the smartphone for many years to come. It even uses less power as compared to normal smartphones these days. 

recycled smartphone

smartphone made out of plastic waste

Shoes Made Out Of Recycled Ocean Waste 

Global sports brand Adidas recently announced a collection of sustainable sportswear which are environmentally friendly and made out of recycled plastic and other waste materials. In particular, their shoe line-up which uses the plastic waste in the ocean is doing a remarkable job by utilizing 2,810 tons of plastic. The shoes themselves look very stylish and are extremely sustainable. 

Solar Balloon 

Zephyr is a company that has created a solar balloon. It looks a lot like a hot air balloon except it’s battery-powered. This balloon converts the energy of the sun into electricity and can be used in disaster zones to furnish electricity supply. It finds its uses in checking the air quality, wildlife and there’s definitely a lot more to explore. Solar Power is becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies are trying to substitute fuel with the abundantly available energy from the sun. 

10 Tech Innovations That Can Save Humanity

So, these were the top 10 tech innovations that could possibly save humanity in the years to come. For more tech content like this, stay tuned to TechBurner

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