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Top 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Features in 2022!



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Last year, WhatsApp introduced a slew of new features, with more on the way. This year, the messaging app is likely to continue releasing several new and intriguing features. In recent weeks, they have been developing many other changes and capabilities. Some of the upcoming WhatsApp features are still being developed, while others are in beta testing. So, it means their rollout is not so far away. We’ve collected a list of new features of WhatsApp that are currently in development and are expected to be released in 2022. These new WhatsApp features will improve the chatting experience and expand the app’s use cases. Here is a list of top 5 upcoming WhatsApp features in 2022 that they have slated to roll out. Let’s have a look!

Top 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Features in 2022

Hide Last Seen from Certain Contacts

upcoming whatsapp features, whatsapp new update 2022, new features of whatsapp 2022, whatsapp features list

Credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp has always featured an option to hide your most recent online timing from your contacts. It’s a useful option to keep your WhatsApp availability hidden. One disadvantage of this function is that you also can’t check your contacts’ ‘last seen’. Thankfully, the firm is now testing new features of WhatsApp that allow users to hide their ‘last seen’ from certain contacts only.

You’ll be able to hide your ‘last seen’ from particular contacts. But you can view the ‘last seen’ of everyone else in your contacts. The functionality is already accessible in the app’s beta version. We assume it will be available to all users in the next weeks or months.

No Time Limit for Deleting Messages

WhatsApp enables users to delete sent messages. But, there is presently a time restriction of up to 68 minutes and 16 seconds. In the upcoming WhatsApp features, they are now preparing to remove this restriction permanently. In beta testing, we can delete messages after the time limit as well. It implies that you can remove sent messages at any moment. But, WhatsApp has not confirmed when they will roll out this feature in the stable version. 

Reactions to Messages Received

upcoming whatsapp features, whatsapp new update 2022, new features of whatsapp 2022, whatsapp features list

Credit: WABetaInfo

This new feature allows you to respond to WhatsApp messages like other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Initially, the reaction function will have six emojis. Message responses will be accessible to both solo and group chat threads. You may also use the ‘Response Alerts’ option to enable or disable message reaction notifications.

Instead of Deleting Your Account, Log Out of WhatsApp

WhatsApp new update 2022 will have the much-anticipated Logout function, and multi-device feature. You will be able to log out of their WhatsApp accounts from their smartphones like other social media. It will take the place of the ‘Delete Account’ button. The functionality was just discovered in a new WhatsApp beta version. We expect it to be rolled out to both the iOS and Android versions of the program shortly. So, people can access their accounts on many devices at the same time thanks to the logout function.

Use WhatsApp to Watch Instagram Reels

You can view Instagram reels right from the chat app in the coming months. They added this into WhatsApp features list with the popularity of Instagram Reels in mind. This can be part of WhatsApp’s effort to integrate with Facebook’s other applications.

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