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Valorant Guide: Tips to Have a God-Like Aim



Val;orant Guide

Valorant is a competitive game. A lot of people believe that it is a worthy competition for CS: GO. There are numerous new things that the game brings to the community, and that is one of the major reason for its increasing popularity. The growing popularity of the game has introduced a lot of new players into the community. This makes the game more challenging, as everyone wants to excel in it. Shooting and aiming is the basic requirement of the game, the game is fundamentally about that. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to be good at it. This Valorant guide will help you understand all about aiming and how to have a god-like aim in the game.

Val;orant Guide

One easy way to go is playing the game a lot. This is a right strategy, and playing the game will help you understand the mechanics of different agents along with the maps. However, what happens when you have learnt a lot and your aim still isn’t better?

5 Tips for Having Better Aim in Valorant

There are multiple things that you can do to have a good aim in Valorant, these tips will help you understand the aiming mechanism better, and perform better in the game.

Practise But Smartly

A lot of players think that playing a number of death matches and practising in the shooting range with AI can help them get better with their aim. This is not true, and players need to focus on certain aspects of their aim. We all know that headshots are extremely effective in all shooting games. If you are struggling with landing headshots, but are connecting body shots, then you need to practise crosshair placement.

Val;orant Guide

Players should practise hitting headshots with guns that do not automatic firing options. A good way to practise is going into a death match and trying only to get kills with headshots. This will increase your trigger discipline and will also be more responsible with your shots.

Deal with Information Wisely

Valorant is not just about running around aimlessly and shooting players on your way. You need information to act in the game. This information can include multiple things like the enemy’s position, the enemy’s remaining player, and their agent combination. All of this information can help you devise a game plan where you can target specific players on specific areas on the map. Knowing the preferred location or position of the enemy can help you and your team swarm the area and pick up kills.

Val;orant Guide

Players need to understand that this is just a process, and you might not get success in your first game like this. Keeping a watch on the enemy stats and knowing the top fragger of the opponent team can also help you understand who to target and who to avoid on the map.

Position Yourself for Glory

One of the major reasons why beginners have a poor aim, along with a hard time improving, is poor positioning. Most beginner players find positions they are comfortable in, and stick to them. This is the biggest mistake of most players. If you stay in one position and try to dominate that, it will get too easy for your opponents to know your location every time.

Val;orant Guide

Switching positions after every round and understanding the entire map is important for playing the game. Aiming and killing enemies is also about holding certain positions on the map. Your position needs to be covered while giving you enough space to keep an eye on the enemy.

Do Not Crouch and Shoot

Crouch and shoot looks like a very effective movement combination in Valorant. However, this is not as effective as it looks. When you crouch and shoot, the eye level and crosshair of your character gets lowered. If you are always aiming at the head of the opponent, crouching will move your crosshair to the enemy’s body level. This will reduce the damage on the enemy and also reveal your position. If you are not fast at adjusting your crosshair, it will be very difficult to pick up kills.

Val;orant Guide

Crouching also makes your movements slower, it is much easier for you to move right and left when standing rather than crouching. It makes you an easier target for the enemy.

Hold Your Horses

Valorant is not just about skills and shooting, it is a mental game as well. There can be situations when you have to execute a comeback, and it might seem very tough for you. The stress makes it even worse for you, keep your nerves calm. Relying on the information, and the position that you hold on the map, can help you get ahead in the match and win it. If you feel that certain situations might get the best of you, it is probably true.

Val;orant Guide

Holding your horses comes with experience, but even as a beginner, it is important to understand the criticality of the game and act accordingly.

These were the tips that can help you improve the aim in Valorant. This Valorant Guide covers everything and can get you started for the best. For more such game guides, keep an eye on Techburner.

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