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WhatsApp Shares 4 Ways to secure your Chats



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On Tuesday WhatsApp a FaceBook owned instant messaging platform shares four ways by which you can secure your chats. This message came on #SaferInternetDay on which the company renewed its commitment to protecting user privacy. WhatsApp is already in the news because of its new updated privacy policy which they take back after the users start deleting WhatsApp and move to other messaging apps.

“We’re committed to your privacy. Here are four great ways to keep your WhatsApp chats safe, secure, and private,” WhatsApp tweeted.

Enable Two-Step Verification

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings
  2. Tap Account > Two-Step Verification > Enable
  3. Enter a Six Digit Pin then Confirm it.

Then WhatsApp asks for your Email verification or you can skip it if you don’t want to share your Email address.

Tap Next then Confirm the Email Address and Tap Save and you are done.

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