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9 Mind Blowing GTA V Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know



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Want to make your GTA V gameplay more thrilling and interesting? Look at the best GTA V tips and tricks given below. Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most played games. GTA V allows us to make our personal character and allows us to enter in a virtual world. Now, to filled your GTA V gameplay with thriller, we have found some amazing GTA 5 tips and tricks. In this article, we will be listing the best GTA 5 online tips and tricks for 2021. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the best GTA 5 tips and tricks for 2021.

GTA 5 Tips and Tricks 2021

Here are the best GTA V Tips and Tricks.

Blow Cars Easily

Want to know how you can easily blow up cars in GTA V? You can blow cars easily in one or two bullets. Just shoot the bullets on the gas tank of the vehicle. The gas tank is always is placed in front of the rear wheels on the left-hand side of the vehicle. The image given below shows the exact location of the gas tank placed inside the vehicle. This is one of the first GTA V tips on our list.
GTA 5 Tips and Tricks, GTA 5 Tips and Tricks Online, GTA 5 Online Tips and Tricks 2021, GTA V Tips

Buy Cheaper Vehicles in GTA V

Vehicles in GTA V cost a lot of money, and generally, we spend a lot of money on them. Now, you can buy vehicles at a lower prices as well. We have found a trick to buy vehicles at a cheaper price. Just follow the given steps.
Step 1. Open your smartphone and head over to the internet.
Step 2. Now, Click on Travel and Transport.
Step 3. After that, choose the website you want. There you will notice that Z-Type and Adder are very expensive.
Step 4. Now, go back to the homepage and again open the Travel and Transport website.
Step 5. On the site, you will notice a huge difference between the prices you had encountered earlier. 
Step 6. Now, just go to the page with the lowest prices.
Voila, now you can easily buy vehicles in GTA V at cheaper prices.

Disable Car Alarms

Sometimes car alarm frustrates us and we eagerly want to stop them, but do not how to do that. Whenever you sit in the car, just open the pause menu and go back to the game. This is one of the ways to stop alarms. Another way is, whenever you sit in a car, just try honking the horn. After trying these ways, you will be able to disable car alarms.

Easy Helicopter Location

In order to get the helicopter location, open the map, there you will find an ambulance icon on the roof-top of a building in Davis, Los Santos. Head over to the ambulance mark and climb the ladders. Now, behind the building, you will see the helicopter standing at the helipad. However, GTA 5 tips and tricks do not end here. Read till the end for more GTA V tips and tricks.
GTA 5 Tips and Tricks, GTA 5 Tips and Tricks Online, GTA 5 Online Tips and Tricks 2021, GTA V Tips

Enter Cheat Codes at Pause Menu

Now, you can also enter the cheat codes when you are present in the pause menu. All you have to do is, open the pause menu, enter the cheat codes, and then click on Start. Voila, your cheat code has been activated while present in the pause menu.

Get Free Property

Follow the steps given below to get free property in GTA V.
Non-incoming providing property
Step 1. First, position your car right in front of the sign that allows you to purchase it.
Step 2. Now, step out of the car.
Step 3. After that, buy the property and immediately enter into your car.
Incoming Providing Property
Step 1. First, buy the property and click on Start immediately when you the see casting scene.
Step 2. Now, complete the mission and you will spawn back to the property.

Upgrade Weapons For Free

Want to upgrade your weapons for free? We are going to tell you how you can upgrade your weapons for free. First, head over to Ammu-nation while doing any mission, and upgrade all your weapons. Moreover, also buy a grenade, if you do not have one already. 
After that blow yourself with the grenade. You will have to perform this action outside the Ammu-nation. Now, the mission will be failed and you will have to start from the beginning. The best part is, you will be respawned with all the money you had spent on upgrading your weapons.  

Ghost Rider Mode

The ghost rider look is so thrilling and enabling it in GTA V is so easy. You will have to sit on your bike. Of course, do not wear a helmet. Now, activate invincibility cheat code and keep riding the bike. Now, the wheels will start discharging fire. 

How to Get Free Vehicle Repair

There are two ways to get free vehicle repair. You can easily repair your vehicles for free immediately. Just follow the given ways and see the magic happens.
  1. Head over to your purchased garage and press the d-pad to save the damaged vehicle. Now, exit the garage with yours another vehicle, re-enter it again and take your previously damaged vehicle. 
  2. The other way is to switch your character while sitting in a damaged car. Your damaged vehicle will be repaired immediately.

These are the Best GTA V Tips and Tricks 2021. We hope you liked them.

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