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Best GTA 5 Cheats Nobody Will Tell You



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Looking for some GTA 5 cheats to do crazy things in the game? GTA 5 is one of those few games where cheat codes still exist. This should be noted that these cheats won’t work in GTA online and can only be used in single-player mode. Also, using cheats in GTA 5 will disable achievements in the game. However, cheats are the best way if you wanna enjoy gaming to its extent. Using cheats you can become invincible, spawn vehicles, access all the weapons and do everything you can imagine of. To use a cheat, you are required to hit the tilde key (~) on the keyboard. This will bring up a console where these cheats can be entered.

Best GTA 5 Cheats For PC

Here, we have filtered the best cheats that you would find useful while playing GTA 5 on PC:-

Wanted Level Cheats

  • FUGITIVE – Increase your wanted level by one star.
  • LAWYERUP – Reduce your wanted level by one star.

Player Cheats

  • PAINKILLER – Make yourself invulnerable to damage for 5 minutes.
  • TURTLE – Get maximum health and armour.
  • CATCHME – It makes you run faster.
  • GOTGILLS – Lets you swim at sprinting speed.
  • TOOLUP – Get one weapon of each type, plus ammo.
  • SKYDIVE – Equip a parachute.
  • POWERUP – Recharge your yellow special ability meter.
  • DEADEYE – This allows you to aim in slow motion.
  • HOPTOIT – Jump higher.
  • FLOATER – Lowers gravity for you and any car you’re driving.
  • SNOWDAY – Disables friction when you’re driving.
  • HOTHANDS – Your punch explodes.
  • HIGHEX – Bullets become explosive.
  • INCENDIARY – Bullets will emit fire.
  • LIQUOR – Make your character drunk.
  • SKYFALL – Fall from the sky

Environment Cheats

  • SLOWMO – Play the game in slow motion
  • MAKEITRAIN – The weather changes.


Vehicle Spawning Cheats

  • BANDIT – Spawn a bicycle at your location.
  • OFFROAD – Spawn the Sanchez dirtbike at your location.
  • ROCKET – Spawn the PCJ-600 at your location.
  • HOLEIN1 – Spawn a golf cart at your location.
  • RAPIDGT – Spawn the Rapid GT car at your location.
  • COMET – Spawn the Comet sports car at your location.
  • DEATHCAR – Spawn the Duke O’Death muscle car at your location.
  • VINEWOOD – Spawn a stretch limousine at your location.
  • TRASHED – Spawn a garbage truck at your location.
  • BUZZOFF – Spawn a rocket-equipped helicopter at your location.
  • EXTINCT – Spawn a seaplane at your location.
  • BARNSTORM – Spawn a stunt plane at your location.
  • FLYSPRAY – Spawn a biplane at your location.
  • BUBBLES – Spawn the Kraken submarine at your location.

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