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Airtel and Vodafone Prepaid Prices Hiked: Let’s Compare to Jio



A few months back, TRAI introduced IUC Charge for the Reliance JIO as per the rules. But, Reliance Jio handled it very well, that no users felt the burden of increased in prepaid charges. Now, other telecom companies Airtel, Vodafone and Idea increased their prepaid pricing, which is going to affect millions of users as the price hike is noticeable and you really need to pay extra bucks in a way to use their services. The new pricing for Airtel, Vodafone plans have been officially applicable from 3 December. Airtel’s new prepaid plan starts from Rs. 149 and goes to Rs. 2,398, while Vodafone Idea’s tariff starts from Rs. 149 and goes to Rs. 2,399.  Therefore, read the full article to know more about the Airtel, and Vodafone new plans. ALso, we are also comparing the prepaid charges for the JIO tariff with Airtel and Vodafone.

Airtel Vodafone Price hike:

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Now, the users have to recharge for ₹49 instead of ₹35 for receiving incoming calls, with ₹49 recharge you will get ₹38 Talktime Balance. So, you can check the new plans in the above image. TRAI has fixed at least 6paise/min for making calls on another network. As Airtel and other telecom companies were trolling JIO for taking IUC charge. Now, the users of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have to pay it.

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JIO Vs Airtel Plans: Prepaid plan price comparison

As both the sims are charging IUC charge. So, take a look at the plans of both the sims and know the difference:

All-In-One Plans




Benefits Validity Price Benefits Validity
Data Call SMS Data Call SMS


1.5GB/day Jio to JIo, 300 IUC Min 100/day 24 Days 148 2GB AtoA, 1000 IUC Min 300 28 Days
222 2GB/day JIO to JIO, 1000 IUC Min 100/day 28 Days 248 1.5GB/day AtoA, 1000 IUC Min 100/day 28 Days
333 2GB/day JIO to JIO, 1000 IUC Min 100/day 56 Days 298 2GB/day AtoA, 1000 IUC Min 100/day 28 Days
444 2GB/day JIO to JIO, 1000 IUC Min 100/day 84 Days 398 3GB/day AtoA, 1000 IUC Min 100/day 28 Days
555 2GB/day JIO to JIO, 3000 IUC Min 100/day 84 Days 598 1.5GB/day AtoA, 3000 IUC Min 100/day 84 Days
1776 2GB/day JIO to JIO, 4000 IUC Min 100/day 336 Days 698 2GB/day AtoA, 3000 IUC Min 100/day 84 Days
1498 24GB AtoA, 12000 IUC Min 3600 365 Days
2398 1.5GB/day AtoA, 12000 IUC Min 100/day

365 Days

Airtel was trolling Jio?

Plans of IUC Charge:

As there are no plans offered by Airtel to compensate IUC Charge but JIO is offering IUC Plans:

IUC Plans Data Call Validity
10 1GB 124 min Unlimited
20 2GB 249 min Unlimited
50 5GB 656 min Unlimited
100 10GB 1362 min Unlimited
500 50GB 7012 min Unlimited
1000 100GB 14074 min Unlimited

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