Apple AR Glass To Come With LiDAR Sensor

Thanks to the technological advancements in today’s era, every company is utilizing technology to get the best results and gain ample trust of the user. Augmented Reality is another example of the immense growth of technology. The use of Augmented Reality is increasing over time as new, innovative gadgets launch every day. Now, Apple is also stepping into the AR market. Some leaks recently revealed details about the upcoming Apple AR smartglasses. Though Apple is not the first to launch AR glasses. Google has already introduced AR glasses earlier. Still, Apple glass leaks claim that these new glasses are going to be different from the others. Jon Prosser, an avid Apple leaker, revealed much about Apple AR glasses. In this article, we will discuss the Apple glass features. After that, we will also talk about Apple glass price in India and the Apple glass launch date in India.

Apple Glass Leaks

Jon Prosser recently leaked features of the new Apple glass. However, these are only the features of the Apple AR glass prototype so that the final product might differ. Have a look at the Apple glass features.

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Image Source: Martin Hajek/iDropnews


It is still too early to talk about the aesthetics of Apple AR glasses since the final product is not ready yet. What we do know, though, is that the body of the new Apple AR glass prototype is made of plastic. The final material could change in the future, though it’s not likely. Rumors say that the design of this product will be different from any other AR smartglasses. Apple glass leaks suggest there could be a LiDAR sensor on the right side. This time, cameras will not present on the glasses due to privacy guidelines. But it could change in the future. Also, the Apple smartglasses will support wireless charging with a plastic stand. Notably, these things were seen in the prototype version, and the brand could make changes in the final version.


Apple AR glass lenses will display information through a UI called StarBoard. You might notice that the UI of iOS is based on the Springboard. We will be able to control the gestures on the front frames with our hands. The prototype is capable of scanning Apple QR codes too. Apple glass leaks say that no one will be able to see what is displayed on your lenses. Thus, nobody can see anyone’s information through your Apple glasses.  The leaker Jon Prosser says that we will not get sunglasses frames. Yes, it seems wired. But we can not predict the final products just yet. We do not know much about the display properties either. But according to the current tech availability, it would at least have the 52 degrees field of view and 47 PPI, similar to Hololens 2.

apple ar glass, Apple glass leaks, apple glass price in India, apple glass launch date in India, apple glass features
Image Source: Martin Hajek/iDropnews

Read further to know Apple glass price in India and Apple glass launch date in India.


Do you remember the brand new 2020 iPads Pro with the LiDAR sensor at the back? For a while, we thought this is the only change in iPads 2020. This was the whole strategy of Apple. For those who don’t know what LiDAR sensors are: LiDAR is a method used to measure distance by targetting the object with laser light and detecting the reflection with a sensor. Notably, whatever data you share will go to the Apple AR glasses team. This data is used to determine which sensors are working properly, and which ones need improvement. The optimization is done for providing you the best Apple AR glass experience. It seems that Apple is going to give complete focus to the user experience of Apple AR glasses.

apple ar glass, Apple glass leaks, apple glass price in India, apple glass launch date in India, apple glass features
Image Source: Martin Hajek/iDropnews

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Apple Glass Price in India

By now, you must have gotten excited to know the Apple AR glass price. The Apple AR glass will cost around $499, though it needs a medical prescription. Moreover, $499 is the price of just the components and technology used in the glasses. We will likely be able to customize it according to our preference. The Apple glass price in India has not been confirmed yet. Still, if we convert the US price into INR, it translates to approximately Rs 38,000 without prescription. Let’s move ahead to the Apple glass launch date in India.

Apple Glass Launch Date in India

The Apple glass launch date in India depends on the COVID-19 situation. The American giant does have the option to launch these Apple AR glasses through an online event or a restricted, limit offline event, taking the possible precautions. Another possibility is of Apple waiting till around March 2021. Regardless, there are some inevitable problems, like the products wouldn’t be available for sale directly after launch. So, Apple will have to wait potentially months to start the sale. The final date could be the Q4 of 2021 or after.

That all for this article. Share your thoughts on Apple glass leaks and tell us your predictions on Apple glass price and Apple glass launch date in India.

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