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Best iPad Tips and Tricks: Make the Most of Your iPad



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Apple always does a great job with its software integration to its hardware. People love Apple products because they are reliable and long-term committed. iPad had been loved by the people from its very first generation back in 2010. And it is because iPads are well evolved into pretty useful flexible devices. Yet, there are some useful iPad tips and tricks that many of its users might not know about. So, we have decided to come up with an article mentioning the best iPad tips and tricks. This article will guide you to make the best out of your Apple iPad by using these top iPad tips and tricks. This will also help you to understand the Apple ecosystem better. So without any further ado, let’s head into the article.

Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

best ipad tips and tricks, top ipad tips and tricks, useful ipad tips and tricks, make most of your ipad, ipad tips and tricks, apple ipad tips and tricks

There are many options available when you search for the top iPad tips and tricks. However, in this article, we will only discuss which are most useful, and fewer people know about them. So let’s directly dive into the best iPad tips and tricks:

Best iPad Tips and Tricks

Booby-Trapped Data

If your iPad is holding much of your data and you are afraid that what if your device is stolen/lost, then your data is in danger. Don’t worry as you can enable the booby trap. Just head to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode and enable erase data. This will erase all your data when the wrong password is entered more than 10 times. Also, you can filter what features can be accessed by the user when your iPad is locked.

Secret Trackpad

The iPad comes with a secret iPad. Yes, you just need to enable it and we will tell you how. Open the App in which you want to use the trackpad. Touch the on-screen keyboard with your two fingers. Now the keyboard will become the trackpad. The cursor will move along with your finger.

Text Shortcuts

If you use some words frequently, you can set their shortcut in Settings -> General -> Keyboards. Here you can set the shortcuts as per your need. Then you can just type and send the shortcut, and your full set text will be sent.

Floating Keyboard

The keyboard on the iPad takes a lot of space and sometimes kinda irritates. However, you can resize the keyboard and use it as a floating keyboard. You just need to press and hold the keyboard icon on the bottom left and then slightly move your finger to float. Now you can position the keyboard as per your preference. Also, to get back to normal you just need to pinch out the floating ipad tips and tricks, top ipad tips and tricks, useful ipad tips and tricks, make most of your ipad, ipad tips and tricks, apple ipad tips and tricks

Customize Share Menu

You can turn on/off what you have seen in the share menu. For that, you just need to click on the share button from an app. Then you just need to slide right and choose more. You will see the list of features that can be enabled/disabled.

Attach All Types of Files in Mail

If you want to insert the files in the mail, you just need to press and hold on to the empty area of the message. Now select the location/file type you want to upload on your mail. Moreover, you can also directly scan documents or insert sketches directly in the mail.

Kids Control

You might have kids at your place and you don’t want them to access your iPad or limit their access to apps and time. You can use the screen time for the app communication and time limits for child Apple ID. Moreover, you can use the Content & Privacy Restrictions to block various contents.

Lock Down the App

Sometimes you have to give the smartphone to your nosy elders or younger siblings. But if you don’t want them to interfere in any other app that you have allowed them to use. Then you can enable Guided Access, this will limit their usage to one single screen/app and will allow you to disable some features/parts of the screen.

Control Camera Focus

If your device is not focussing correctly, then you can tap on the correct object or area. Then the camera will automatically refocus and re-meter the light intensity. This will fix the camera focus issues.

best ipad tips and tricks, top ipad tips and tricks, useful ipad tips and tricks, make most of your ipad, ipad tips and tricks, apple ipad tips and tricks

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Fix the Facetime Windows

You can adjust the PIP (picture-in-picture) of facetime. You can change the position as per your preference. You just need to press and hold then you can drag it to anywhere you want.

Instant Web Address Complete

If you are typing the website in the Safari browser of your iPad, it might be sometimes irritating to add domains such as .com, .net, etc. You can just press and hold the full stop key and drag to the domain you want to add. This will surely save little seconds and you will find it useful.

Search with 2 fingers

You can swipe down with two fingers, this will open a search box. After the search, you will get results based on Siri recommendations. Moreover, you can even search for specific apps if you scroll down the search box.

Give an Accent to Siri

If you don’t like Siri’s voice and want to change it, don’t worry you can change the accent of your Siri assistant. You will get the male and female voice with US, British, Australian, etc. accents. You can change these in Settings -> Siri & Search and change it according to your preference.

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Make your iPad Quieter

Your iPad can be quieter by which your iPad will not alert you when you will get unnecessary notifications. To do so you just need to head to the Settings -> Sounds, here you can turn off the specific app sounds you want to disable.

More Accessible

You can make your Apple tab more accessible by heading to Settings -> Accessibility. Here you can turn the iPad into a more usable device. You can even change the way it displays text and its support for assistive devices.

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