Caviar PlayStation 5 Will be Covered With 4.5kg Gold

Recently in our article, we informed that Caviar has come up with some new custom iPhone 12 Pro, made using Gold and Diamond. The iPhones. Lately, last year Caviar decided to come out of its comfort zone of making smartphones jeweled smartphones. Then they announced a glided Playstation Console with “Golden Rock” because of its physical characteristics. Reports say that 9 consoles will be made and have the starting price of $499,000.

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The amount seems pretty big, though Caviar has apparently received a total of 1,342 applications to buy one. The people who are interested in buying include that Basketball superstar LeBron James, a well-known businessman living outside Russia, and an American Businessman equally famous in the IT field. Caviar has got a jewel contractor who specializes in working with gold and has prepared a test sample.

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