Get ready for the chip based e-passports

India is ready to get the Chip Based e-passports. The chip embedded within the passport will store our personal information.

Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji, said that Indians will be issued these new e-passports soon. The government has approved the e-passports. India Security Press (ISP), Nashik will manufacture these e-passports.


This symbol is usually printed on the cover of biometric passports of other countries.

The E-passports will have thicker front and back covers to provide security to the post-stamp-sized chip. It can withstand the natural wear and tear that occurs while traveling.


National Informatics Centre (NIC) created the security guidelines for writing information to the chip. The software for these e-passports has been made by NIC and IIT-Kanpur. US Government labs have tested the security of the e-passports.


With the help of Chip Based E-passports, We can avoid tampering, fraud and the creation of fake passports by using e-passports. immigration will be quicker because the information stored on the chip can be read easily.

These new Indian e-passports can store information of 30 travels using 64KB of storage. Photographs of passport holders may be stored on the e-passports and even fingerprints too. Once the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) are completed, the production of chip base E-Passports will begin.

PM also Said, “Along with passports, the rules related to visas are also being simplified.”┬áMany countries already have chip-based e-passports or biometric passports.

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