How To Download NCERT Audiobooks For Primary To Class 12 Students

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools can not be operated to maintain social distancing norms and to stop the spread of coronavirus. Most of the schools have decided to schedule online classes through video conferencing software. On Sunday, Management of Human Resources Department (MHRD) has announced to provide NCERT Audiobooks from primary classes to class 12th students. If you are a student, you must be wondering about How to download NCERT Audiobooks? Well, you are in the right place. Anybody can download NCERT Audiobooks easily by completing a few steps. We have also provided the NCERT Audiobooks download link below. We have also written a short guide on How to download NCERT Audiobooks. So, check out how to download NCERT Audiobooks for class primary to 12th.

What are NCERT Audiobooks?

NCERT Audiobooks are the audio version of the NCERT textbooks. It means students can listen to it anytime and anywhere. Amid this COVID-19 situation, students can not go to school or to buy books. To provide seamless education, MHRD decided to offer the audio version of some NCERT textbooks. MHRD provided this information via a Tweet, which says “NCERT textbooks are now available in the audio form”. NCERT Audiobooks are available for primary classes to class 12 Students. These NCERT Audiobooks will be very useful for children with special abilities. Here we are providing the name of books that would be available in the audio format. So, the students can easily download NCERT Audiobooks for class primary to 12th.

List of Audio Books

Here is the list of Audiobooks that can be downloaded from the CIET official website.

Grades 1 To 8

  • Marigold
  • Rimjhim
  • Ruchira
  • Doorva
  • Vasant
  • A Pact with Sun
  • Honey Suckle
  • History- Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalay
  • Itihaas Ek Romanchak Gaatha
  • Apni Zaban

Grades 9 and 10

  • Beehive
  • Moments
  • Kritika
  • Kshitij
  • Sparsh
  • Sanchayan
  • Bharat Aur Samkaleen Vishwa
  • Loktantrik Rajniti
  • Gulzar-e-Urdu
  • Arthshastra
  • Shemushi
  • Contemporary India
  • Samkaleen Bharat-1
  • Nawa-e-Urdu
  • Footprint Without Feet

Grade 11

  • Antraal
  • Vitaan
  • Hornbill
  • Aaroh
  • Woven Words

Grade 12

  • Vitaan II
  • Aaroh II
  • Antraal II
  • Flamingo
  • Abhiwyakti Aur Madhyam
  • Kaleidoscope

We have two ways to access the NCERT Audiobooks. First one is to access through CIET official website, and the other one is to access through Voice Commands via Google Assistant. Let’s check out How to listen to NCERT Audiobooks through Google Assistant first.

How to Listen to NCERT Audiobooks through Google Assistant?

We can easily access the NCERT Audiobooks through Google Assistant. We need to follow a few steps to access the NCERT Audiobooks.

  1. First, we need to fire up our Google Assistant by speaking ‘OK Google or Hey Google’ or pressing on the Home Button.
  2. The next step is to speak ‘Talk to NCERT’.
  3. Now, the Google Assistant will respond to us back with some questions regarding the grade, such as Which book do you want to read? And Which chapter do you want to listen to the selected text?
  4. After confirming, Google Assistant will start narrating the chapter we had selected earlier.


That’s it! We are done and can start to listen to our favourite chapter from the selected textbook. In case, you want to know How to download NCERT Audiobooks for class primary to 12th, and You can proceed further to know more.

How to Download NCERT Audiobooks?

We can also download NCERT Audiobooks. Downloading NCERT Audiobooks are as comfortable as to listen to them with the help of Google Assistant. We have provided the NCERT Audiobooks download link below. Follow a few steps to download NCERT Audiobooks.
  1. First, we need to go to the CIET official site which includes the download links of all Audiobooks.
  2. Click Here to download NCERT Audiobooks.
  3. Once we land on the page, it will ask us for the grade or standard we are studying in.
  4. Now, it will show the book names with all chapters in it.
  5. To download the NCERT Audiobooks, select the chapter and click on the three dots option, then click on the ‘Download’ button.
  6. Now, it will automatically start downloading the selected Audiobook.

That’s all we have to do to download NCERT Audiobooks for class primary to 12th. We hope you liked it. If you face any issue regarding this, so you can ask us by commenting on this blog. We will see you in the next one. Till then Be Happy and Be Safe.

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