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How To Turn Off 5G On A Smartphone: Step-By-Step Guide



In recent times, 5G smartphones became a new normal and companies are launching new 5G phones back-to-back, almost every single week. But, as of now, the 5G network is not available for use, everywhere in the world. Now, this makes 5G an extra feature that’s not even required in most cases. 5G is no doubt a faster and better network than 4G and buying a 5G smartphone in 2021 is a good move towards future technologies but its availability is the issue. In the whole world, the 5G network is limited to some parts of the United States and is not ready to be used widely.

Our smartphone keeps searching for a 5G network and consumes a significant amount of battery. Now, this results in wastage of battery as 5G networks do not exist everywhere. To overcome this battery issue, one is required to turn off the 5G as a Preferred network from smartphone settings. This will make your smartphone battery last longer.

How To Turn Off 5G Network On Any Smartphone?

Here is the step by step procedure to turn off 5G from settings:-

Step 1. First, open Settings.

how to turn off 5g on android


Step 2. Now, look for ‘SIM cards & mobile networks’, you may have this option with the name ‘Connections’ or Mobile Networks’.

how to turn off 5g on samsung phone


Step 3. On the next screen, tap on ‘Preferred network type’.



Step 4. Now, you have to select ‘Prefer LTE’, instead of the automatically selected ‘Prefer 5G’.

how to turn off 5g on new smartphone

Step 5. Lastly, double-check the Preferred network, that it’s set as LTE. Also, when you are in the range of a 5G network you may switch back to 5G with the same procedure.

how to save battery life on phone

Now, after using your device in LTE mode i.e. on a 4G network for a few days, you will start noticing the drop in battery consumption. With this, you will be able to save almost 10 – 15% battery a day.

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