How to Watch PM Modi in Man vs Wild Online Live for Free?

Recently a Trailer of a Popular Show Man vs Wild has been Teased where there will be an Episode soon which will Feature our PM, Mr Narendra Modi. Quite Surprising right? But that’s True. It is Offical News that PM Modi will be coming to Discovery Channel with Mr Bear Grylls. Both of them including Discovery Channel Officials have also Posted the Trailer on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Platforms. As of now, everyone is Excited about the PM Modi and Bear Grylls duo which is going to be seen by everyone very soon. Also, Modi Fans are so much excited about this too. So, are you excited for PM Narendra Modi and Bear Grylls duo? We know you are. Also, you must be wondering that “How to Watch PM Modi in Man vs Wild Online Live for Free?” right? You are in the right place then. We have the solution for you. Just Follow the Instructions given below to know more…

pm modi and bear grylls

Who is Bear Grylls?

Edward Michael Grylls is known to us as Bear Grylls. He is an Adventurer who represents a Show for Discovery Channel, which is known as Man vs Wild. Awesome right? So, Mr. Grylls was born and brought up in London, UK. After his studies, he joined the Army and then he decided to hike in the Mountains of Sikkim and Himalayas. Seeing all these, Discovery Channel asked him to do a show for them and with this, Man vs Wild Started. In some Special Episodes of the Show, Discovery Channel Features some Great Personalities to do an Episode with Bear Grylls. Many of the Celebrities like i.e Barack Obama and Putin have also come to the show. But now, he has come all-around to India to do an Episode with our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi which will be AIRed Very Soon.

pm modi and bear grylls

About the Show: Man vs Wild

The Show Man vs Wild is basically about that how can a Person survive in tough Places like Deserts, Hills and somewhere else. As an Adventurer, Bear Grylls is an expert in all these and he Hosts the Show. Although there is their CREW, the only one Host is running the show from many years. Normally the Show shows the things we’ve mentioned above, but in a few episodes, there are some Guests who Feature and live the life like Bear Grylls. With the Latest Episode which is coming very soon, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be Featuring there.

pm modi in man vs wild

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PM Modi in Man vs Wild

As we mentioned earlier, Discovery Channel India will Feature Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in their Latest Episode. As of now, only the Trailer has been Released where PM Modi is Welcoming Bear Grylls to India. Also, some Footage of their interaction has also been Shown. Although Bear Grylls is Speaking in English, PM Modi is still sticking to Hindi though. Jokes apart, are you also one of them who Loves Mr. Narendra Modi and want to see him on Discovery Channel? Check Out the Process Below…


How to Watch PM Modi in Man vs Wild Online Live for Free?

The Episode Featuring PM Modi will be Aired on 12th August 2019 on Discovery Networks, across 180 countries. So, check out the list of the above-mentioned channel list and keep your DTH pack ready with any of the listed channels. You can also watch the episode live through Hot Star live TV subscription. We will keep this post updated through

You can also send your wishes and message to Honorable PM Mr. Nareshdra Modi through Discovery CHannel official page. Click here

So, are you excited about the PM Modi and Bear Grylls duo? Here are the Links for Watching Man vs Wild Online for Free. Check them out…


pm modi and bear grylls

The Craze of PM Modi and Bear Grylls Duo

For the episode of Man vs Wild with Narendra Modi, Bear Grylls have come all Across to India where his Journey was Started. Also, the Indian Audience is Overwhelmed after seeing the Trailer. As Indians and a Man vs Wild Fan, we are also so much Excited for the Show. Also, the Twitter Posts and Instagram Posts have been Started on the Show. So, Fasten your Belts for 12th August 9 PM Sharp.

The Trailer

We hope you have seen the Trailer. But if you haven’t, Check Out the Trailer Below…

So, what do you think about the Special Episode? Are you also Excited to Watch the Show? Let us know about your thoughts in the Comment Sections Below…

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