PUBG Deathmatch Mode: All things that should you know

PUBG 0.13.0 update is coming soon. There are a lot of new changes that are coming to PUBG will be loved by most of the user. PUBG update 0.13 bringing the full Vikendi Map, adding Bizon gun, some changes in MVP and most interesting is the PUBG Deathmatch Mode. PUBG 0.13 beta users are using these features. Tencent also releases update patch note on their official website. It shows that many new features are coming to PUBG Mobile.

Some of you are also thinking to try it before its arrival. So, there is a PUBG 0.13 beta download link by which you can also be a part of the beta programme. But, it contains a lot of bugs. So, Read the full article to find What’s new in PUBG 0.13 and How to download PUBG 0.13 Beta and You will also find PUBG 0.13 Update Patch Note in the article:

PUBG Deathmatch Mode:

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The all-new Deathmatch mode is bringing many new changes in PUBG Update. It is a new Team Deathmatch mode. It is as similar to EvoGround Mode. But, there are few changes in it which makes it better than EvoGround. The Deathmatch is available in both FPP and TPP perspective. The new Deathmatch mode is based on the team. There will be two teams in which both the team has to score 40 Points. Each point is equal to one kill which means you need to kill 40 enemies. But, there is the availability of respawn. So, there is no limit for respawning but you have to kill 40 enemies fastly than your opponent.

Deathmatch mode is available only for a specific location TDM: Warehouse where you will get great loots, as well as hiding spots like walls, large shed, multiple crates and grass. You will get a special mention during the game if you kill your enemy. This location will help the players for healing and regenerating their health. The player who will perform the best then he will get the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award with a dedicated XP and level up.

PUBG 0.13 Update Patch Note:

  • New Mode: Now, Deathmatch is available in both FPP (First Person Perspective) and TPP(Third Person Perspective).
  • New Settings for FPP: There will be a separate option to adjust your gameplay settings in FPP mode. As it was so difficult to have Chicken Dinner in this mode.
  • New Zombies: Tyrant, Licker, Dog and Zombie Cop are going to replace from the monster which is in the movie. It can be Ghidorah or other characters.
  • Reduce in Armor Stats: The Armor damage will be reduced by 25%. But, damage time will be the same.
  • Footprints: This is a new feature that is going to be added in the game. Now, there will be footprints of the players who are going to the house, mountains or anywhere. But, there can be new shoe adding by which they can hide their footprints.
  • New Location: There is a new location in the Zombie Mode. Its name is showing as Abandon Factory. You can find weapons, vehicles from here. It is an amazing place for loot. But, there will be a new boss waiting for you so, be careful.
  • New Feature for MVP Player: MVP emotes and results are adding in the inventory and display of the game.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Bomb: Now, the players will get slow down than the usual time that is in PUBG 0.12.0.
  • Bizon Gun: PUBG Update 0.13 contains a new gun. It has a large magazine with most available bullets of 9mm.
  • Portal Closet: A new change in portal closets. Now, you can change appearance, voices and emotes from it. It can be done when you are in a match.

PUBG 0.13 Beta Download:

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You can download the PUBG Beta by clicking on the download button:

Download Now

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