Realme 3 Pro Camera Review With Samples

The much-awaited Realme 3 Pro is finally launched and the specifications are very interesting. From processor to battery life everything seems so good but Realme has done a great job in the Camera department this time with Realme 3 Pro camera. We have tested Realme 3 Pro camera extensively and here is the Realme 3 Pro Camera Review.

Realme 3 Pro Camera Specifications

Realme 3 Pro packs dual rear camera on the back. The primary sensor is 16MP Sony IMX519 with wider f/1.7. The wider aperture helps to create a shallow depth of feel. The pixel size is 1.22μm. The secondary sensor on the back is 5MP shooter with f/2.4 for the depth sensing. The 16MP primary sensor is the same which is used in the OnePlus 6t. The front-facing camera is 25MP with f/2.0 aperture with AI Beauty Mode and Selfie Portraits.

Realme 3 Pro Camera Samples

Realme is also joining the Megapixel race. Although the primary sensor is 16MP but with the use of Ultra HD mode, the Realme 3 Pro can capture 64MP Photos with the help of Pixel Binning. A dedicated Nightscape feature is present to improve the low light photographs. Also, the Realme stock camera has a Chrome Boost mode which improves the saturation and makes the image more vibrant. Also, Realme 3 Pro can shoot Super Slow Motion Videos at 960fps. Let’s now look at Realme 3 Pro Camera Samples. Camera2API is enabled out of the box so you can use Google Camera to improve the overall image quality. We have captured all these following images in the Stock Camera app.

Realme 3 Pro Landscape Photos

Realme 3 Pro captures beautiful landscape photos as you can see in the camera samples. Dynamic range is appreciable. Saturation and Sharpness are on point too. Sony IMX519 is a pretty capable camera sensor and Realme has done quite a good optimization in it. It does not over saturate the image but in some cases, the AI increases the colours. Even you can capture the 1x lossless picture with the same amount of details while digital zoom goes up to 10x which is not that good.

Here are some more camera samples. Photos captured in good lighting and outdoor condition looks fabulous. We didn’t expect such good image quality. It maintains exposure well. The text written on the hoarding is clearly visible. The colours of the sky remain natural even in the harsh sunlight.

Camera Samples In Indoor Lighting

3 Pro captures stunning photos in good lighting condition and the image quality remain the same in low light as well. f/1.7 wider aperture is capable of capturing good photos in indoor lighting condition too. It did not struggle to focus in low light. Additionally, the Nightscape mode helps to increase overall low light photography.

Macro Shots

The camera of 3 Pro did not struggle to focus on macro subjects. The focus is fast and accurate. Plus, wider aperture clicks shallow depth of feel. The exposure in the background is well exposed. The sharpness is on point in every single photo. AI increases the saturation a little bit but it looks nice.

Realme 3 Pro Portrait Shots

The main problem of the previous Realme devices is bad portrait photos. Even Realme 3 has some edge detection problem. But it is looking like that problem is now solved with Realme 3 Pro. 5MP depth sensor helps to capture good bokeh shots. As you can see in the camera samples the edge detection in portrait photos is on point. However, the blurring algorithm is not natural. Blur intensity is higher than usual. Few people like such photos. The sharpness on the focused subject is nice and the colours seem pleasing.

Realme 3 Pro Selfie Camera

The 25MP selfie shooter captures nice selfies. Skin tone is a little bit on the artificial side and it applies some smoothing effect on the face. The edge detection of the AI Portrait mode is not accurate but acceptable and it can be improved via software updates. In some cases, photos come out overexposed.

Realme 3 Pro Camera Samples High Quality

You can check out high-quality Camera Samples in our Google Drive folder. It will give you a much better idea of image quality. Click on the below button for high-quality camera samples.

Realme 3 Pro Camera Samples – High Quality


Realme 3 Pro is a pretty capable Camera Smartphone. Photos captured in good lighting condition are well exposed and the details of the image are impressive.  Low light performance is great. Selfie camera needs improvements and the portrait mode photos are nice as well. The phone can shoot 4k videos at 30 fps. It has EIS at 1080p and the video quality is decent. If you are looking for a great camera smartphone at this price range then you can definitely go for the Realme 3 Pro.

Stay tuned with us because much more awesome content like this is going to publish very soon.

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