Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera Review With Samples

Samsung has become very competitive in the budget and midrange smartphone segment. Samsung Galaxy A50 offers Triple rear camera, 6.4 inches FHD+ Super AMOLED display, Android 9.0 Pie with One UI, Under Display Fingerprint Sensor and Exynos 9610 processor under 20,000 rupees. In this article let’s review the triple camera of Samsung Galaxy A50.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera Specification

Samsung Galaxy A50 packs a triple rear camera set up on the back which consists of a primary 25MP sensor with a smaller f/1.7 aperture, a 5MP depth sensor with f/2.2 aperture and an 8MP ultra-wide angle lens with 123-degree field of view. The front camera is a 25 MP f/2.2 sensor. But both the front and back 25 MP lens only capture in 4:3 aspect ratio. Also, if you want to turn on the HDR mode, the image quality will be decreased to 12 MP. Now let’s look at some Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera samples.

Daylight Shots

In Daylight condition, the Galaxy A50 captures good images. The saturation is a little bit higher than normal because of AI. The contrast level is fine in good lighting conditions. It adjusts the Exposure and White Balance perfectly. Sharpness is on point as well.

Ultra Wide Angle Camera Samples

The 8 MP Ultrawide angle is capable of capturing good looking wide angle pictures. The saturation and contrast level is good in daylight condition. But the sharpness and details decrease in ultrawide pictures. The primary 25 MP sensor captures better photos in terms of sharpness and detail level.

Portrait Shots

5 MP depth sensor helps to capture Bokeh or Portrait Shots. The overall image quality is good. Sometimes there is a problem of Edge detection on the object. The details and saturation on the main subject are fine and the blurring algorithm is good.

Indoor Camera Samples

The pictures captured in indoor lighting condition is good too. Although the detail level is less than what we get in good lighting condition.

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Macro Shots

Samsung Galaxy A50 captures very nice macro shots. The f/1.7 smaller aperture helps to give that natural bokeh effect. The colour reproduction is close to natural.

Selfie Samples

The 25 MP front camera captures a good amount of details. It maintains the exposure well. The AI beautification mode is also present and it makes you very young and handsome. 😉 Software based portrait mode is present for bokeh effect. There are some AI stickers too.

Samsung Galaxy A50 is a capable device to capture good photos in good lighting condition. The Ultrawide-angle lens helps to capture more field of view, which looks good. It does not perform well in low light. The front camera is good too.

High-Resolution Images

Click Here for high-resolution Samsung Galaxy A50 camera samples. That’s all in this Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera review. Stay Tuned with us for more amazing camera reviews.


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