Top 5 Apps of July 2020 That Should You Try Now

We are back again with another top 5 apps of July. The play store is filled with so many apps, that we can’t test each application out there. So, we have listed some best 5 apps of July, trust us. These are such useful and surprising applications. All users can now rely on this article and enjoy the top 5 apps of July 2020 also download them. We will provide the download link of the best app of July 2020 from the official play store to ensure security for all. So, without any delay, let’s get started with the top 5 apps in July:

Top 5 Apps of July

From the massive collection of apps available on the play store, we have picked a few and put it in the list of top 5 apps in July. The apps will help you in your day-to-day life activity. So, let’s get started with our list of the best 5 apps of July.

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Dolby On: Record Audio and Music

If you are a newbie in the music industry or thinking to start your podcast, you might be aware that for recording songs and podcasts we need the best equipment such as high-quality mic and tuning tools etc. But they cost higher, and for beginners, these are like buying a new home. To eliminate these costs, we found a fantastic app for you. Dolby On transforms our phone into a powerful recording machine. Whether you are recording songs, lyrics, or podcasts, you can easily record with Dolby audio experience in one click. We are getting 50 years of Dolby innovation in a single app. Dolby On has everything that a musician wants in their songs. The reason we added Dolby On in the top 5 apps of July is because of its commendable features. Let’s take a look at its features.

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Features Of Dolby On

  • It enhances your sound quality with some great features automatically after recording, such as noise reduction, smooth fades, and more.
  • It comes with a free audio editor to trim your recording.
  • Dolby On automatically optimizes your sounds according to different platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and more.
  • We can use Dolby’s dynamic equalizer to shape your song with perfect bass, trebles and highs.
  • It has free audio effects and vocal editor to edit your sounds.

We tested Dolby On, of course, not for recording music and podcast, we used it for recording voice notes. The app is quite simple, and it shows how Dolby enhances your sound with their effects. We can also listen to the quality difference before Dolby on and off. Let’s get ahead to our another app from the top 5 apps of July list.

Download Dolby On

Scan It

A few days ago, we saw a ban on 59 Chinese apps which includes the Camscanner App. Scan It is the Indian alternative of CamScanner. It performs similarly to other scanning apps. Scan It lets us scan the photograph, document, bills and can save in our device storage. To make our experience more convenient Scan It allows us to covert our photos, individual documents in a PDF format. For students, Scan It is the best portable scanner to scan study notes any time, anywhere. Have a look at its features.

Features Of Scan It

  • It features five different modes, such as original, auto, notes, notebook, note 1, and grayscale.
  • We can add the borders, modify it as we want.
  • We can easily share scanned files in PDF, JPEG format.
  • It can convert our documents in PDF too.
  • It’s Made In India app.

Download Scan It -Sticker Maker

We use stickers to express our mood and emotions such as happy, sad, angry, etc. We selected a fantastic app to make your WhatsApp sticker gallery more interesting. is a sticker maker to customize stickers for WhatsApp. allows us to create a new, funny all type of sticker according to us. We can simply create stickers by choosing photos and adding captions to them.

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Features Of

  • Millions of stickers at one place.
  • No need to go out through severe editing, and it comes with the excellent auto cut tool.
  • We can easily export our sticker to WhatsApp.


Chrome Remote Desktop

Accessing our desktop from a smartphone is super easy and comfortable. We can access it anytime, anywhere from our smartphone. But security is our main concern, and there are lots of apps available on the play store which offers the same service. Chrome Remote Desktop is an app by which we can access our desktop easily by our smartphone. Isn’t it easy? We can access our desktop at any time and anywhere. We added this app in the list of top 5 apps in July because of its usability and features.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

iOS 13 Launcher

Want to make your smartphone look sassier and cooler? You can try this iOS 13 Launcher app. iOS 13 Launcher converts your phone into an iOS interface. It will change everything from your phone icons to wallpapers. We can customize some basic things according to our need. We simply need to install the application and agree to some permissions. Don’t worry! These would be some necessary permissions. This is our last app from the list of the best 5 apps of July. Look at its features.

Features Of iOS 13 Launcher

  • iOS 13 lock screen design.
  • It features a spotlight search.
  • iOS 13 control centre.
  • Custom status bar.

Download iOS Launcher

These were the best 5 apps of July, or we can say top 5 apps of July 2020. We hope you like it. So, don’t forget to tell us your favourite app from the top 5 apps in July.

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