Top 5 Games Of July 2020 That Should You Try Now

Smartphones are getting more capable day by day. Now, even a budget smartphone is way capable of handling good games. So, we present to you the list of Top 5 Games of July 2020. This list includes some of the best games of the month. Every game of this list is the best 5 games of July which are easy to play and very unique at the same time. Stick with us to know more about the Top 5 games of July 2020, and we will also provide the download links for all the games below. Check out below to get more information about the Top Games of July 2020.

Top 5 Games of July 2020

These are the Top 5 Games of July 2020 which will help you in bursting your stress. So, make sure you check out these Top 5 Games of July 2020:

Soul Night

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The first game in our list of the best 5 games of July 2020 is Soul Night. Soul Night gives a unique playing experience. Players can explore dungeons, collect various weapons, and shoot some Hybrid Aliens. Moreover, the game is feature-packed. Players can unlock unique heroes with different special abilities. There are a total of 270+ weapons in the game. Soul Night is a 2-D game but provides an enjoyable playing experience. The game comes with a download size of 97Mb with more than 10M+ downloads on the Play Store.

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Two Dots

Two Dots is a free and fun play game which makes it unique for our list of Top 5 Games of July 2020. The main aim of the game is to connect two dots which generates unique ability like bombs and fire. The players can play together with built-in online mode. And, the whole game is built beautiful, which makes it adorable and enjoyable while playing. Players can earn individual medals after completing the level. There are a total of 2825 levels in the game, which will be interesting for the users. The Two Dots has a download size of 141MB, and it has over 10M+ downloads on Play Store.

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Space Marshals 2 

The next game in our list of Top Games of July 2020 is Space Marshals 2. It is based on sci-fi wild west action in outer space. Players have to eliminate the enemies of the galaxy with the given weapons. And, the whole game is fully feature-packed. Moreover, Space Marshals 2 has excellent graphics which enhances the gaming experience. The game has 20 missions with over 70 weapon support. Meanwhile, it also supports the Gamepad controller, which will give users a good gaming experience. Space Marshals 2 has a download size of 658MB with over 5M+ downloads on the Play Store.

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Tank Stars

Tank Stars is an online multiplayer tank battle game. The game is easy to play with low graphics. It also offers a wide variety of weapon selection ranging from missiles to Atomic bomb. The game also features cool weapon upgrades to make the players powerful. There is also a wide variety of tank selection from the inventory. And, it has a download size of 107MB with more than 100M+ downloads. Moreover, it has a rating of 4.0 stars on the Play Store with over 1M+ reviews. 

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MTB Hill Bike Rider

MTB Hill Bike Rider is a unique game for cycling enthusiasts. The game offers an FPP gameplay which is suitable for the better gaming experience. MTB Rider offers more than 24 exciting stunt bike levels. The game is featured with adventurous off-road driving experience with perfect cycle simulation. MTB Hill Bike Rider also supports different weather modes with excellent controls. MTB Hill Bike Rider has a download size of 52.79MB with more than 1M+ downloads on the Play Store.

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