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Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games for Android in 2019 – Download Now



Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games for Android in 2019

After the Launch and Popularity of PUBG Mobile, people have understood the meaning of Battle Royale Games and have started loving them too. However, you will also notice that nowadays People Love to Play the Battle Royale Games only. From PUBG Mobile to Fortnite, every Game Developer is modifying its Game with Latest Updates and Patches. However, there are also some Games which are like PUBG Mobile and you will Love to Play them. Can’t believe? Check Out the Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games for Android in 2019 below…

Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games for Android in 2019

1. PUBG Mobile

5 Best Battle Royale Games for Android

PUBG Mobile is the Most Played Battle Royale Game of the World. There is nothing to get Surprised! PUBG Mobile has the Highest Players in the Whole World and the Events Organised by PUBG are also like Big Sports Events. This Game has given Fame to many of the Small YouTubers in the Gaming Community. Mortal from India is a Well-known Face now. However, if you are thinking of Downloading the Game, make sure that you have a Good Mid-Range Phone as it gonna take a lot of CPU and GPU Power. Click on the Button below to Download the Game Right Now…

Download PUBG Mobile

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2. Call of Duty Mobile

Best Battle Royale Games for Android

The Android Version of the Legendary Game Call of Duty have just got Released this October. This Game has many Memories attached and hence People are Downloading that Game too. Although this Game doesn’t Feature that much of Good Graphics, still the Memories of this Game is making People Download the Game. However, if you have also Loved this Game when you were young, you can give it a Shot on Android too. The Download Link is given below…

Download COD Mobile

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3. Fortnite Mobile

5 Best Battle Royale Games

Fortnite is very popular in the Western Side of the Globe. To be precise, Twitch Streamers from the USA of nearby Countries Stream this Game and they also have a Huge Fanbase like Indians in PUBG Mobile. Ninja, a Twitch Streamer is well-known for his Skilled Fortnite Gameplay. However, he Plays on PC. The Mobile version of the Game was first Released for iOS Devices and have recently been released for Android in 2018. This Game looks Cartoony, so People of India don’t like to Play this Game. You will also need a Fortnite Certified Android Device to Play this Game. Only two Mid-Rangers, Redmi Note 7 Pro and Realme 3 Pro Support Fortnite. The Gameplay is a bit laggy. We recommend you to use a Good Flagship or Phone with at least Snapdragon 855 for Playing the Game Smoothly. Download the Installer from the Link Below…

Download Fortnite Installer

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4. Garena Free Fire

Battle Royale Games for Android

This is one of the Low Size but Great Game for Android. Those who can’t Run PUBG Mobile Play this Game to Fulfil their Dream by Playing this xD. Jokes apart, this Game is also a Battle Royale Game withe Features like PUBG. Although the Graphics are not very well, People manage to Play it. This Under 500MB Game is everyone’s Favourite. However, in India, there is always a Clash between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Wanna Try this one? Click on the Link Below…

Download Free Fire

5. Mobile Legends

Best Battle Royale Games

If you have ever Played DOTA on PC, you will Love this Game. This is kind of a Replica of the DOTA Game on Android. However, People love this game too. Like COD Mobile, this Game is also Popular as it Represents the Mobile Version of a PC Game. However, this Game is not Fighting with Guns and all, so it may look Hard to you. Anyways, you can Download it from the Link Below…

Download Mobile Legends

So, do you like the Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games for Android in 2019? Which one you are going to Download? Let us know in the Comments Below…

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