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Top OxygenOS and ColorOS Merging Features: Check Out



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OnePlus announced the changes coming to their Android Skin as well as the maintenance schedule on their forum in July. What we know is that they are merging the codebase for OxygenOS and ColorOS.The upcoming update to both will bring a unified experience to OnePlus and Oppo devices. The new features and changes are coming soon to global users. With the upcoming release of ColorOS 12, users are waiting to test out this unified version. We all are familiar with the fact that OnePlus is known for being simple and close to the stock experience. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the article.

OxygenOS and ColorOS Merging: What To Expect

Oppo’s version of their Android skin is popular for bringing new and more features or customizations rather than focusing more on being a cleaner experience. In a forum post back in July, we first heard about this change. The codebase for OxygenOS and ColorOS is merging to give users an even better experience.

Unified ColorOS OxygenOS

OnePlus has confirmed that the unified OS will continue to be unique for OnePlus at the same time to keep the OxygenOS experience clean for its users. The merge is for bringing the stability of OxygenOS and the rich feature set of ColorOS to global users. Users will still be able to differentiate between both the Android UI. The changes are going to happen behind the scenes. The exact changelog is not available but we can assume safely that OxygenOS is going to adopt the versatility from ColorOS and Oppo’s UI would get more stable and optimized. Here are some screenshots showing both the worlds side by side for a quick comparison. ColorOS on the right side and OxygenOS on the left.

OnePlus said that “By combining our software resources to focus on one unified and upgraded operating system for both OnePlus and OPPO devices globally, we will combine the strengths from both into one even more powerful OS: the fast and smooth, burdenless experience of  OxygenOS, and the stability and rich features of ColorOS. ”

It is a different experience overall. We hope to see an official list of eligible devices soon. Are you excited? Let us know how do you feel about this update.

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