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Vodafone Idea Recharge Offer- 6% Cashback On Recharges



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Since the whole country is locked-down, we don’t have much to do these days. But what if we say, you can earn doing recharge for others? Many telecom companies have now started giving profit on recharges for others. Recently, Vodafone Idea took a #RechargeforGood initiative. This initiative gives you cashback on Vodafone Idea recharges. This Vodafone recharge offers commission on Vodafone recharge. We can say Vodafone recharge cashback. It is the same with the Idea recharge offers. Idea Vodafone recharge offer for others means if you recharge for others’ numbers, you will get a commission on the total amount. Additionally, Reliance Jio has launched the Jio Pos Lite Apk, where you can also earn money through recharges. In this article, we will cover this Vodafone Idea news that is Vodafone Idea recharge cashback Offer. Later in the article, we will also compare the Vodafone Idea recharge offer nad Reliance Jio Pos Lite Offers. Let’s jump into the article.

What is Vodafone Idea recharge cashback Offer?

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Vodafone Idea recharge cashback offers a special service of doing recharges for your friends, or it can be anyone. And Vodafone Idea will pay you for recharges in the form of commission. Wait, is it available for everyone? How much will they pay in the Vodafone recharge offer for others? First of all, everyone can participate in this earning opportunity. The other thing is that the Vodafone recharge offers to pay up to 6% of the recharge amount. The same goes for the Idea recharge offer.

Eligibility for Vodafone Idea Recharge Cashback Offer

For Vodafone recharge cashback offer, there is no minimum age mentioned by the company. Also, no physical shop is required for this Vodafone recharge offer. An existing user must log in to the Vodafone App or the MyIdea App. That’s it.

Idea Vodafone Recharge Cashback Features


An existing user can log in to the MyIdea App or the Vodafone App. It depends on the SIM he or she uses. Now you can easily do recharge and take the benefits of Vodafone Idea recharge cashback offer.

Add Money

For doing recharges, you have to add credit to your MyIdea App or Vodafone App. Without the money, you cannot proceed to recharge. After successfully performing the recharge, the commission amount will be directly added to your MyIdea App or Vodafone App wallet.


You can recharge using the money available in your wallet.


The wallet will show all your earning to date or in a month.

How to Register for the Idea Vodafone Recharge Offer?

  1. Just download the MyIdea App or the Vodafone App to do recharge.
  2. Now log in to the app using an existing number.

All Right! Now you are ready to earn from recharges. You can perform recharge for your friends, family members, and others to make some quick cash.

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Jio Recharge Offer Vs. Vodafone Idea Recharge Offer

Info Jio Recharge Offer Vodafone Idea Recharge Offer
Commission Rate  Up to 4% of the recharge amount Up to 6% of the recharge amount
Age Criteria Minimum age required is 18 No Minimum age required
Offer Date All-time available offer Till 30th April
Registration Process Simple Simple

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