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Why Signal is Preferable Over WhatsApp?


After the WhatsApp privacy policy controversy, Signal Messaging App has become exceptionally popular. Lakhs of WhatsApp users switched to Signal even after Facebook-owned WhatsApp postponing its new policy update.

Let's see some of the unique features of Signal App that attracted users towards it,

Virtual Number:- The signal can also be used with a virtual number keeping your original phone number private.

Activation PIN:- Registration on the app is done via a PIN that is only known to the user. This PIN makes user tracking impossible.

Read Receipts:- You are free to disable Read Receipts option that will hide your activities from other users.

Screen Timeout:- You can enable this feature to get your phone locked after an instant of time while using Signal.

Allow From Anyone:- After enabling this feature, you will receive messages only from the people you want.

Disappearing Message:- Using this, users can set the message to display for a specified period of time, after which the message will be automatically deleted.

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