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Best 5 Tips to Improve KD in Free Fire in 2021


Free Fire is one of the most popular games on the mobile platform that offers many unique elements unlike other games on the platform. Players are given a unique identifier in the game and there are statistics that are used to check the player's overall performance. Not in the stats. Matches played, wins, KD odds, kills, head injuries, head injuries, and more. The KD factor is a parameter that indicates the number of kills you will commit in a match. KD can also be used to measure someone's playing style, whether they are aggressive or cautious. The high KD value in Free Fire will make everyone think of you as one of the best players, but increasing it in the game is difficult. In this blog, you will find some tips to improve KD in Free Fire.

Best 5 Tips to Improve KD in Free Fire

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Be Careful About Aggression or Camping

To boost your KD, you must first choose between an aggressive rusher or a camper. If you play aggressively you will usually have a lot of kills, but the average life span in the game will be less than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, if you play this way, there is a risk of dying from the start and lowering your KD in the process.

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If you play camping, your game will likely average more than 10 minutes. However, you won't get more than a few kills. If possible, start playing hard only after the space becomes small to prevent fatalities from increasing to your KD, and choose safer gameplay from the start.

Get Off in a Crowded Place

This is the most powerful way to kill many enemies. The more people come to this place, the more murders you will commit. But you have to be careful because you may get killed.

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This is the most effective way to increase KD in Free Fire and it can be followed easily. Also, make sure you have plenty of training to do a better job.

Be the First in Loot

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Make sure to drop in somewhere with good loot beforehand. Many players will come to good-looking places, so make sure you need to move quickly. Take any weapon closer to you. This will make it easier for you to survive. Even a rifle or shotgun will be the best weapon the first time you land it.
Looting early in the game is important for several reasons: players can find surfboards to navigate, first aid kits for healing, mushrooms for EP, and weapons to take down opponents.

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The golden rule to follow when striving for a high K/D ratio in Free Fire is to always mine as much as possible early in the game. This will ensure that the players are well equipped and able to overcome any obstacles in the future.

Improve KD by Avoiding Hot Drops

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Whether you're playing with random characters or with your teammates, drop locations have a bigger impact on the team. Hot drops should be avoided for those looking to increase their KD coefficient or increase their rating. Landing in dangerous locations like the clock tower, factory and summit will kill you early, and if you die, your KD will drop later. Thus, players should avoid hot drops.

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The last recommendation on this list is to avoid the quick drop, and this is what all players who want to improve their in-game stats should do. Falling in certain areas can kill players, but there is a high risk of death in the early stages.

Improve KD by Playing with a Team

Building a playable team can be beneficial for players looking to improve their KD in gameplay. This is because players always risk being among random teammates who refuse to coordinate or communicate effectively. Having trusted teammates who can move each other around and share supplies greatly increases your odds of surviving and getting Booyah.
Playing with good teammates in Free Fire is one of the best ways to improve the K/D ratio in the game. In most cases, the match ends with Buyoi due to good coordination and his teammates.
If players need to play in teams, they should either look for experienced players or play with famous people. It's best to avoid random mates when playing seriously.

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