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Realme UI Tips and Tricks You Should Know About [PART 2]



In the first part of this series, we discussed 10 Realme UI tips and tricks. We’re now back with the second part. Previously, we have discussed many interesting features of Realme UI, including Dark Mode, Realme Share, Focus Mode, Screen Recording, and more. We will go with the flow and start the next part of that article. In this article, we will discuss some new Realme UI tricks that you can use to control your phone better and enhance your user experience with Realme UI. We will also provide an official Realme UI download link. So without any further ado, let’s head into the article.

[Note: All tips and tricks are based on Realme UI in Realme smartphones, and they are not for Color OS 6 devices. These will work when you install Realme UI.]

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Realme UI Tips and Tricks

Let’s start the count for this part of the new Realme UI tricks.

Realme UI: Camera Watermark

You can turn on the watermark on your Realme smartphones from camera settings, where you will get the watermark of your photos. Additionally, an author name can also be specified. You can add the date and time of capture to your watermark as in memories of special moments of your life.

Turn it on from Camera -> Settings -> Watermark. Here, you get the option to turn the phone model mark on/off, specify your name and turn date and time on/off.

Realme UI: Notification Management

As the number of system apps has increased, notifications have also started flooding in. Managing notifications is now an easier task with Realme UI. There are snooze, block, and delete options for the notifications. You can also mute the notification so that new notifications come silently and avoid disturbing. Moreover, we can perform some actions directly from the notification panel, like replying to WhatsApp messages, copying verification codes, etc.

You can swipe right on the notifications for options such as snooze, delete, and more. In addition, you get the block, mute, and continue options.

Realme UI: Smart Messaging

Since now the users are becoming smarter, Realme UI also comes with smart messaging features, where you can enable message cards. It will use AI and recognize the OTPs and train or flight tickets and present them as cards.

To enable smart messaging, you need to go to Messages -> Options -> Settings -> Smart Messaging -> Smart Messaging cards.

It is also possible to set rules based on which the messages will be refined. For example, this feature lets you blacklist some keywords. The AI will automatically block any messages containing blacklisted keywords or phrases.

Realme UI: Dialer App


It is now easy to block or filter calls from dialer settings. Also, you can block communication with contacts on specific days. Moreover, there is a flash-on-call feature built within the dialer app.

To enable it, you just need to go to Dialer -> Options -> Settings. Here, you will find different options that you can change according to your preferences.

Realme UI: DocVault

Realme has partnered with DigiLocker and introduced DocVault, where you can store all your government IDs without any stress or hassle. The documents are digitally signed and verified by DigiLocker to prove authenticity.

There is a dedicated app named DocVault. It requires you to sign with via DigiLocker account.

Realme UI Download

The official update of Realme UI is only out for some devices. You can check if it is available to download and update for your device manually. Click here, and you will be redirected to the official Realme support page.

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