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Realme UI Tips and Tricks You Should Know [PART 1]



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Realme is one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in India with the highest year-on-year growth. It started as a sub-brand of Oppo, with Realme 1 as its first smartphone. Before long, Realme became an independent brand as the “youth’s brand” marketing resonated and with the people. The newly independent brand followed up on its first device with the Realme 2. Now, Realme has its own UI as a skin over ColorOS 7 based on Android 10 and many lifestyle products with more on the way. Now that Realme is actively rolling out its UI, users seek some Realme UI tips and Realme UI tricks. So today, we are here bringing some new realme UI tricks for those who have got the realme UI update, and we will also provide the Realme UI download link from the official site. So without further ado, let’s head into the article.

Realme UI Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of Realme UI tricks with a brief explanation of how to use them.

[Note: All tips and tricks are based on Realme UI in Realme smartphones, and they are not for ColorOS 6 devices. These will work as soon as you get Realme UI.]

Realme UI: Dark Mode

A feature in the highest demand right now is the dark mode. Since the AMOLED screens are the future, it is necessary to have Dark Mode in all devices to enhance user experience.

To enable Dark Mode in your devices, just go to Settings -> Display & Brightness, and toggle Dark Mode to turn it on.

There, you will have different options to schedule it. You can directly enable the dark mode or set it from sunset to sunrise. Additionally, you can schedule the mode according to your time preferences. You can also apply Dark Mode for third-party apps to experience dark mode in apps that haven’t added the feature yet. Though, this feature is only in beta stages as of now.

Realme UI: Realme Share

Sharing is not a big task in today’s time. Yet, safe sharing is important, and no third-party app can guarantee you the safety when transferring data. Using this in-built feature is a good option to have. Realme Share offers good connectivity with the sharing apps of Oppo, Vivo, and Mi and obviously, Realme devices.

You can enable Realme Share through the notification panel and directly share data from the Send Menu by clicking on Send after selecting the desired files.

Realme UI: Live Wallpapers

Realme has also introduced interactive live wallpapers. The wallpapers keep transitioning as per the time of day or night. Also, other types of wallpapers are available that you should checkout.

To apply a live wallpaper, you need to tap and hold the home screen -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers. Alternatively, go to Settings -> Home Screen & Lock Screen Magazine -> Set Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers. There, you will get all the stock live wallpapers available on your Realme smartphone.

Realme UI: Digital Wellbeing + Focus Mode

For people who use their mobiles a lot, Digital Wellbeing is a feature using which you can monitor and curb the time you spend digitally. After analyzing your usage pattern, you can turn on the Focus Mode, where you can add the apps you use the most. It will freeze the app for the time span you schedule. However, you can still use the app by turning off the Focus Mode.

To enable Focus mode, go to Settings -> Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls. In this section, you will find all your usage stats. After scrolling for a bit, you will see the Focus Mode options. You can now select the desired apps and set the timings for which you want to freeze your distracting apps.

Realme UI: Screen Recording

Now, you can record the screen of your phone with the system sounds. Every sound from the system speaker will be recorded in the video.

To enable this feature, open a recording bar from the smart sidebar or add a shortcut to open it from the notification panel. Then, click on the Settings icon and set according to your preference. There is a drawback to this feature, though. Unfortunately, you can’t record both system and surrounding sounds simultaneously.

Realme UI: HeyTap Cloud Storage

If you run out of storage fast, then cloud storage is the best way to maintain your device storage. Realme UI comes with 5GB of free data on HeyTap cloud storage. Moreover, you can even purchase more if you want.

To enable the cloud storage and backup, just go to Settings -> Your account (the very first option) -> Cloud Service. Here, you can turn the settings on according to your backup preference.

Realme UI: Dual Earphones

You can use 2 earphones at the same time and share moments of enjoyment and entertainment with family, friends, and loved ones.

To enable the dual earphones feature, just go to Settings -> Realme Lab -> Dual-Mode Audio.  When you connect wired and wireless earphones simultaneously, the Dual-Mode Audio option will pop up. In this menu, you can select the audio output device.

Realme UI: Floating Calculator


With this feature, a calculator can be used in a floating window over any screen. So, now, you can access your calculator while using another app.

This feature is enabled by default. You always get a floating calculator when you open the app. Furthermore, there is an option where you can switch to full screen. In this mode, you will have additional tools like unit conversion and currency exchange.

Realme UI: Three Finger Screenshot

The process of capturing screenshots has improved a lot on Realme devices. Now, you have the option to take partial and long screenshots more conveniently. You can just swipe three fingers down to take a screenshot, just like Xiaomi. As soon as you take a screenshot, the preview window appears on the left side. To capture a long screenshot, swipe up the preview window and swipe down to share the screenshot. Additionally, you can take a partial screenshot by long-pressing three fingers on the screen.

Realme UI: Personal Information Protection

You can protect your personal information from being stolen by just enabling the Personal Information Protection feature. To enable it, go into Settings -> Privacy -> Personal Information Protection. You can turn on Smart Protection or set-up the protection manually.

Realme UI Update

The Realme UI rollout started with Realme 3 Pro, and now, many other devices have also got it. If you have not received the Realme UI update yet, you can visit the official site and find out if the manual download link for Realme UI for your device is available or not. Just click here to get redirected to the official support page for Realme UI download.

That’s it for this post. This was just Part 1 of Realme UI tricks. Keep an eye on TECHBURNER for the latest tech updates and new Realme UI tricks.

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