Whatsapp Fact Check Service: How To Identify Fake Messages On Whatsapp

Indian General Election is about to start the next week. Social Media plays an important role in elections, so Facebook recently banned around 702 Facebook Pages spreading Propaganda. Whatsapp is also aware of the fake messages and it has started Whatsapp Fact Check Service to fight against fake news. Let’s now talk about how to identify fake messages on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Fact Check Service

Whatsapp will work with the local startup Proto to check the fact of the messages. It will mark messages as either true, false, misleading or disputed. Around 200 Million people use Whatsapp in India. Social Media platforms being used to spread misleading and fake information. The fact check service by Whatsapp can help us to identify the fake news.

Also, this service will not only identify the fake news, but the main aim of this service is to create a database of fake and misleading messages. The database will be useful to take further steps to stop the fake news.

Whatsapp Checkpoint Tipline will support 5 languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, and Malayalam. WhatsApp has also contracted with Meedan and Dig Deeper Media to expand the Check platform and integrate it with the WhatsApp Business API.

How To Identify Fake Messages On Whatsapp

Whatsapp Fact Check Service is very easy to use. Follow the simple steps given below to identify fake messages on Whatsapp.

  1. +91-9643-000-888 add this official WhatsApp Checkpoint Tipline number to your contact list.
  2. Now just send any Link of the Article, Image, Document or Text Message to this number on Whatsapp.
  3. You will receive an automated reply message from the Whatsapp Checkpoint Number. Press 1 for Yes and Press 2 for No. If you want to check the fact of your message then simply reply with 1.
  4. As soon as you reply to this message the Checkpoint team will start checking the fact of the message. You will receive the response whether the message is true, false, misleading or disputed.

We have tried to send a message to Whatsapp Checkpoint but we did not get any response after waiting for a few hours.

How Does The Fact Check Service Work?

According to the FAQ of the Whatsapp Checkpoint, they will primarily gather data to research. The helpline will not be able to respond to every single message. However the information provided by users will help them understand potential misinformation, and when possible, the team will respond to the message.

As we mentioned above Checkpoint will not reply to every user, however, the response will take time up to 24 hours. Checkpoint’s research is using a WhatsApp tipline to crowdsource data that would otherwise not be accessible, confirms Proto.

Whatsapp has done appreciable work by starting this Checkpoint Tipline. We should also be aware of these fake messages. It is our responsibility to check the fact of any message. If you receive any misleading message please send this to the Whatsapp Checkpoint. It will help them to stop such fake messages.

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